Your Florida home is probably one of your most valuable investments. Ensuring the safety of that home investment is a priority for most of us. As much as we love and appreciate our neighbors, they don't always have the time or resources to make sure all is well with our homes when we are away.

Introducing a new and unique service for out of town or out of state real estate owners.

Florida summers are brutal and the salt air wreaks havoc on anything it touches. Things can go wrong in your vacant home in a very short period of time. Frequent checks can prevent costly damage and repairs.

Whether you are a year round resident and away on business or vacation, or seasonal homeowner, out of state or snowbird, maintenance of your Florida property is essential.

As you have seen with our big header, mold is a serious problem in Florida. While you may experience mildew under your sink or around the toilet up north, in Florida that mildew turns to mold, and if left unattended (see photos), you could virtually lose your entire house, watching it being bulldozed and disposed of in numerous dumpsters. I can think of a few instances where that has happened here in Pinellas County. Do not take mold for granted or lightly. Mold can kill you. We specialize in mold and water damage inspections and cures. We will replace light bulbs as they go out, but seriously now, that isn’t the reason that you hire us. A small roof leak left unattended or unnoticed, can wreak havoc in your attic with mold covering the ductwork, insulation and rafters, eventually eating into the drywall. Not a pretty sight, to be sure.


Just recently, we were called to a home where the customer had a leak under the sink, and they didn’t know where it was coming from. Fortunately they were not back north during this time. It turned out that the “insta-hot” unit under the sink attached to the hot water side, providing instant hot water, had been leaking. The cabinet bases were wet for 5 feet on either side of the sink, but otherwise undamaged. We replaced the unit, but if they had not been home and had no inspections, they could have easily lost their home over 6-8 months of water damage and resulting mold damage which is worse than the water damage. When mold is found on drywall or wood structure, it has to be removed, not cleaned. That couple is now a monthly client of our inspection services.

We will keep an eye on your home while you are not here.

  • Make sure boats are tied up when a hurricane is forecast
  • Watch for leaks
  • Make sure water heater is off
  • Flush toilets
  • Keep an eye on the pool cleaning company
  • Keep an eye on the landscaper
  • Pick up junk mail and old newspapers
  • Check for theft and vandalism
  • Change furnace filter as needed
  • Will make sure your car battery is not dead when you arrive
  • Check panel box breakers




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