Are you planning an extended vacation or business trip? Are you a snow bird, only in Florida for a few weeks or months?  Are you concerned about the security and condition of your property but would rather not impose on family and friends to watch over your home? HomeWatch Contractors Network can help!

Locally owned and operated, HomeWatch Contractors Network is a visitation and inspection company that verifies home safety during a homeowner's absence. Great for vacationers, business travelers, real estate agents etc, HWCN creates a custom program for each client, insuring that the needs of your property will be met while you are away. We offer several different types of services.  We offer regularly scheduled checks on your property while you are away. We offer house cleaning and opening/closing services, so your time here in Florida is your own.  Please take a look at  descriptions of the services listed below.  

With every inspection, you will have peace of mind knowing that these areas are checked:

AC/Heater: Check air conditioner/heater for proper setting and operation (Electrical surges can reset electronic thermostats unless system is shut down).  Make sure that condensate line outside is dripping and not clogged.  We will change air filters on a monthly basis if needed.  If they appear clean, we will then change them on a quarterly basis. 

Water and Mold: This is the most important reason to hire us.  Check for signs of obvious water leaks from interior sources (i.e. water heaters, washer hoses, ice maker, dishwasher, interior plumbing).  If you have an attic, and it is accessible, we will check it for mold, water penetration and vermin.

Smoke Detectors:
Check for proper operation.  Test regularly, even though you aren’t home. 

Refrigerators/Freezers: Check proper operation (if left on) or mildew accumulation (if turned off).  If you are leaving the home unattended for an extended stay, the fridge should be unplugged and the doors left open a few inches. 

Water Heater: will check for leaks and be sure that it is off.  If possible, depending on location, we will (annually) drain and refill to remove sediment from bottom of tank, thereby extending its life.

Check exposed plumbing areas for leaks.  Visually inspect under all sinks, and behind toilets.  We will put your dishwasher through a full cycle on a quarterly basis, to keep the seals and gaskets from drying out and cracking, thereby causing leaks.

Roof Leaks: Check all rooms for evidence of roof leaks including door & window frames (excluding attic).

Electrical Service Panel: Check for tripped breakers caused by power surges or electrical shorts and reset the breaker.  Some breakers will get hot and will not trip, due to faulty breaker.  We will check for that as well.

Interior lighting:  We will change rooms that are lit at night with timers.   

: Check for condition and cleanliness left by authorized guests or contractors, etc.

Toilets: Will be flushed monthly so they don’t dry out, leaving the calcium deposits which are hard to remove. 

We will inspect for any evidence of termites, roaches, mice, birds, etc., that might want to call your home their home.

 Make sure that all windows and doors are locked at all times and have not been tampered with.  Sliding doors and garage windows are favorite entry points for burglars or vandals.

Check for unusual odors or noises, out of place items, etc.

Outside contractors: We will oversee their work, making sure that they are fulfilling their agreement with you.  (pool, lawn care, pest control, etc)

Photograph Records: We keep a photographic record and hard copy inspection report of all visits to your home and generate an email report for each client.



Rental Services

Do you rent your home out when you are not here? Do you have friends or family that use the home occasionally?  We can open your home and prepare it for you or your guest's arrival,  and clean up after they leave.  We can tailor a program to fit your needs.  We can handle any request from a drive-by check up to a full house inspection and provide house cleaning services and close up when you leave.



noun\k??-?syerzh, ?kän-s?-?erzh\   a person employed (as by a business) to make arrangements or run errands, : a person in a building who takes care of the building and checks the people who enter and leave

We will customize your services to fit YOUR needs and budget! We can do as much or as little as you would like. YOU choose the level of service that you are most comfortable with. Some of the things we can do for you include freshening up your home before your arrival including fresh flowers if you like, grocery shopping, dry cleaning runs, watering of plants...the list goes on and on:


 Exterior Inspection Point Description

  • Landscape Maintenance: Check for overgrown yard & flower beds, lawn damage, weeds, lack of water issues, tree branches, and drainage problems.
  • Delivered Mail: Pick up delivered mail and leave inside the premises.
  • Water Leaks: Check for signs of obvious water leaks from exterior sources.
  • Faucets: Check all outside faucets.
  • Structure Inspection: Visually inspect from ground level: Roof, siding, fences & gates, rain gutters – damage or obvious buildup, exterior doors including storm doors, garage doors, windows & screens.
  • Pest/Rodent/Insects: Check for pest, rodent and insect infestations.


Pricing and Fees

Our monthly fee is $100 for 2 inspections and $75 for one inspection.  We can even food shop for you the day prior to your arrival if you let us know.  Initially, we will meet with you via scheduled appointment, conduct a complimentary inspection and ask you questions about your home and your situation.  It gives us both the opportunity to interview each other.  We have built our business on relationship rather than price or bells and whistles.  We are competitively priced, but the peace of mind that we offer, and our level of trust and integrity will win the day for all of us. 

We offer an incentive discount for any referrals.  If you are our client, and refer a new one, we will lower your monthly bill by $10 for each new account, with a maximum of $40 monthly discount.  That could be a savings of $480 per year.  Any unscheduled visits will be billed at $50 per visit. 

Maintenance Service

We organize and monitor regular maintenance of your home as determined by the homeowner. This may include weed control, landscaping, housekeeping, window washing, carpet cleaning, pool cleaning, heat and air conditioning maintenance, annual roof maintenance, and all repairs.

  • Your garaged vehicles: We start vehicles and run them while doing inspections.
  • Trash can out and return when needed.
  • Setting up and meet with Pest Control Service
  • We use local trades’ people, sub-contractors for repair and maintenance of homes that meet specific requirements and provide only the best in quality service.  If we see something that requires the services of a contractor or handy man, we will contact you with description and costs.  That takes the worry out of your world, since we have a great working relationship with most trades.  If you have a favorite sub contractor, we will be glad to utilize their services.



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