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SEND US YOUR IDEAS - Any ideas, designs, sketches or images you may have to help better illustrate your ideas would be most helpful to us when it comes to constructing your gear. The more descriptive and visual, the better. Keep in mind you DO NOT have to be a professional artist to get your idea across.

NO MULTIPLE EMAILS - Please refrain from sending us multiple emails after your order has been placed. Doing so and continuously asking when your gear will be done will NOT get it to you any faster and can in fact do just the opposite. As we simply do not have time to answer repetitive emails. We understand that anxiety of getting new gear from M.E.G is overwhelming. So please be patient, and you will receive it. After all, we are the best at what we do!

RETURN POLICY - For custom gear, it is absolutely crucial for you, as the customer providing us with your information to ensure that all of the information you send to M.E.G is correct. This goes for everything from your measurements to your color choices. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS DUE TO CUSTOMER NEGLIGENCE. If you receive your order and decide that you do not like your own color choices, WE WILL NOT swap them for you as M.E.G simply doesn't have time to do so. Likewise, if you send us the wrong measurements and, after you receive your order, email M.E.G claiming to have measured yourself wrong. WE WILL NOT remake the gear for you based on lack of diligence. M.E.G apologizes for this, but please take this as a notice of the importance of your measurements. So please do M.E.G and yourself a time-saving favor and measure twice.

PLEASE BE ABLE TO GIVE US AN IDEA AS FAR AS THE LOOK OF YOUR GEAR - Drawings, Sketches, or Anything visual are a plus to give us an idea of what your are wanting.


Please email us only if have read all of the above statements and agree:





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