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The roots of The Great Spiedini can be traced to the Triple Cities area (Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott) in the Southern Tier of upstate New York.  It is here where the “Spiedie” (pronounced "spee-dee") originated by way of Italian immigrants decades ago and has remained a local ethnic delicacy and a major part of the region’s culture.   

Spiedies, in their simplest form are cubed pieces of meat that are marinated and put on skewers, flame-grilled, and served on a slice of Italian bread. Those unfamiliar with Spiedies often compare them to shish kabobs as both are flame-grilled using skewers.  And for those in the know, that is about as close as shish kabob will ever come to a Spiedie. 

Unlike shish kabobs however, Spiedies have never hit the big time and their popularity and availability is still mostly limited to South-Central Upstate NY and Northern Pennsylvania.  Like all of those who leave the friendly valleys of the Greater Binghamton area, Rick and Karen Swartwood discovered that this is a problem.  

But with a yearning for Spiedies and a long-time desire to share them with a broader population, The Great Spiedini started taking shape.  With son Tony now on board, The Great Spiedini began introducing Spiedies to the Tampa Bay area at Farmers Markets and music events in early 2013. 

Now some 18 months later, The Great Spiedini has arrived in the Westchase community to continue its mission of spreading the good word of Spiedies.

At The Great Spiedini you will find we have something for everyone. 

For those veteran Spiedie traditionalists – no worries – we have got you covered!  But there are other ways….

For those looking to experience Spiedies for the first time, come on in and see what the buzz is all about and perhaps take a look at some of our more non-traditional choices

For salad lovers, seafood enthusiasts, and for those who follow a non-meat diet – you are going to love our Spiedini marinated options. 

If you are seeking a family friendly atmosphere, The Great Spiedini has it and our kids’ meals are priced to leave that college fund untapped. 

And…if you are just looking to have a beer and some wings and chill in the great outdoors – come join us on The Great Spiedini’s new full-service patio bar and enjoy the finest in Tampa Bay craft brews and wines. 

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