"While on vacation, I met Michelle in a resort gym and asked for her recommendation on an acute situation. I was expecting a tip or two about what to do but Michele grabbed a mat, got down on the floor with me and taught me a technique to help me feel better immediately and in the future. I could tell right away that she was very knowledgeable about anatomy and how to help with specific issues as opposed to general care. I wish I lived in FL so that I could benefit from Michelle's training on a regular basis!" -Debbie N.

"Michelle Lindsey, you are a star and I loved, loved, loved each and every workout in San Diego! You rocked the stage like no other!" -Petra K

"In an effort to improve the overall health and well-being of our employees, Hercules Sealing Products has sponsored a Biggest Loser Contestant for the past several years. Employees are encouraged but not pressured, to participate in the contest, lose weight and improve their overall health. Employees have to pay a small registration fee to participate, with all proceeds going to support local needy family projects that Hercules supports during the holiday season.

Each year Hercules has hired Michelle Lindsey, an independent professional trainer, to conduct the official {and unbiased} bi-weekly weigh-ins during the eight week contest. During the employee's individual weigh-in, Michelle gives personal fitness advice and nutritional suggestions. Over the years, this program has been very beneficial to a number of employees, getting them on the right track for a healthier lifestyle. Employees often comment that it's Michelle that makes this program such a success! She is genuinely concerned about people and makes them feel very comfortable when discussing issues such as weight loss.

I've even had employees who want lo gain weight to join the contest. Obviously, they wouldn't win any of the prize money that Hercules generously donates to support the contest, but they have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with Michelle, who is able to give them advice and suggestions to an improved lifestyle. I would highly recommend Michelle for any individual or corporate fitness program." - Debbie Meckley

"Thank you Michelle, it was an amazing experience to share with so many ladies in a wonderful place. I loved working out with you so much. You made all my days since the very first day. I love your energy and how fun you are on stage!!"  -Tania R

"You are an inspiration to me, beautiful inside and out" -Kim E

"Thank you Michelle for the back and legs muscles stretching videos. It really helps me calm the pain of my back and my knees. I have a moment of gratitude for you each time I do these precious movements." -Tania R

"I really enjoyed your classes in San Diego I had so much fun travelling back to France I actually had a great flight because I had the time to read the book 4 days win that you recommended I have no words to thank you for that, I understood so many things about myself You are such a high value wonderful woman and i wish you the best"
-Nicoleta M

"Amazing, competent, and kind coach. I had the chance to attend Michelle's classes and meet her last week and I wish she could be my personal trainer back in Paris." -Fadia D.

"Great workout today, it was definitely a lot of fun. Different, interesting and challenging in the best sense of the word."
- Reem K.


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